Who We Are

Kids Who Know is owned and operated by Future Adults Pty Ltd, Australia.

What We Do

Kids Who Know is a child development resource based upon two self evident facts:

  1. Nurturing emotional intelligence in young children will assist them greatly in their social development and well-being.
  2. Preventable accidents can be reduced through awareness and understanding.

It is designed for all types of early learning institutions and their parent/carer communities.

How We Do It

The Online Classroom comprises of 20 modules, each focusing on one of our core topics. It offers streamed animated video stories together with dedicated topic activity sheets and certificates and class wall posters and mantras.

A Parent and Carer Portal for pro active parents is included. This is designed for Parents and Carers to engage with the material at home and explore the topics further if they wish to.

Additionally, a variety of branded products are available from pre printed Activity Books to various branded school precinct messaging sets.

Meet Our Characters

Four animated child characters feature throughout and are central in the delivery of the content.

Zack, Zi, Zanzi and Flash are a group of friends who, because they are slightly older, often act as mentors in the videos, quizzes, stories and other media, much like junior leaders would do at school.