What We Do

Kids Who Know is a resource for early childhood educators and care givers that delivers complete teaching plans, outcomes and tools focused in four areas.

Animated videos, printable activities sheets, certificates and mantras are available across a variety of topics.

Emotional intelligence, positive interactions and social well being.
Individual citizenship, belonging and nurturing a sense of community.
Hazard Safety and the reduction of preventable accidents and mishaps.
Exploration of numeracy and literacy and discovering fine motor skills.

How We Do It

The content is a click away and delivered via our online dashboard.

Additionally, the Parent Portal offers parents and caregivers the opportunity to share in their child’s Kids Who Know early learning experience and explore and enjoy the topics further at home.


Meet Our Characters

Four animated child characters feature throughout and are central in the delivery of the content.

Zack, Zi, Zanzi and Flash are a group of friends who, because they are slightly older, often act as mentors in the videos, quizzes, stories and other media, much like junior leaders would do at school.