Emotional intelligence, positive interactions and social wellbeing.

Soft skills in early learning are pivotal for enhanced social outcomes, both now and for the future. Topics include:
Friendship, Patience and Perseverance, Kindness and Compassion, Speaking Manners, Manners in Action, Tech Manners, Table Manners.

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Citizenship, belonging and a sense of place in a community.

Developing a sense of belonging and inclusion within their groups and classes plays a important role in every child's next phase of learning.
Topics include: Sportsmanship, Saying Sorry, Honesty, Caring for Animals, Caring for our World, Healthy Me, My Hygiene.

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Practical hazard safety to minimise accidents and mishaps.

Reducing accidents and mishaps is always a priority. Kids Who Know raises awareness and reduces the risks posed by preventable everyday hazards.
Safety topics include: Fire Wise, Water Wise, Chemical Smart, Sun Wise, Road Wise and Electricity Wise.

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Designed for children between 3 and 6 years of age, with a special emphasis on soon to be school starters.



Focused on developing



Fine Motor Skills


Outcome Specific Topics

Topics are designed to enhance social outcomes, confidence, resilience and a sense of belonging and also aid in the identification and safe response to everyday hazards.

Teaching Plans and Guides

Convenient teaching plans and guides which include contextual backgrounds, animated videos, printable resources and extension activities are included.

Animated Video Stories

Our characters, Zack, Zanzi, Zi and Flash are slightly older children who behave much like mentors and help to deliver the content in an entertaining and personable way

Extension Activity Sheets

Printable activities designed with age specific understanding to assist in the delivery and comprehension of the topics while also introducing tasks to develop early numeracy, literacy and fine motor skills.

Printable Mantras

Each topic includes a catchy mantra which is available as a printable item. They look great as room decor, especially as a set. They also serve as effective mnemonic memory tools to enhance topic retention.

Completion Certificates

Printable completion certificates are included for each of the twenty topics. Print them for your room or for the children to take home! Each certificate comes with learning descriptions and character images.


Explore and Share the Content at Home

All the topics packaged for easy and convenient home enjoyment.


Senior Educator
“Children were attracted to the characters and even the youngest were connecting their health and safety traits to the characters themselves which, in turn, saw them retaining and putting the skills learned into practice.”
Anita - Senior Education Co-ordinator
Kindergarten Teacher
“I use the Kids Who Know resource in my room and the programme is fantastic - structured, engaging and my children genuinely enjoy the lessons. The videos and digital stories illustrate the learning objective in a fun way that children can understand. The programme prompts great discussion and the explicit nature of the resource incorporating metalanguage, learning objectives and a logical sequence of learning means that these lessons are not only fun but also effective.”
Tegan - Little Treasures
Preschool Teacher
“Even one of our most disengaged boys said “That was so much fun! We were learning how to be a good friend”. This warmed my heart! Thank you for a great resource."
Received via Facebook from Nikki - Preschool Teacher